Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Travel Tuesday- Portland OR, one of my favs

My travel schedule for the next six weeks is overwhelming, but despite that, when a good opportunity arose in Portland, Oregon, I jumped at the chance to go. Why? Because Portland, Oregon is pretty amazing.

You really can't describe Portland unless you've been to Portland. It's laid back and very "organic," while having the food and entertainment options of a major metropolis. I mean, despite its small town aura, you know you're somewhere with a pretty eclectic population when the food truck menus include foie gras and escargot, right?

The best things about Portland, though, are the wine and the books. I love pacific coast wines, mostly for taste, but also (to show my wine ignorance) the cool names and fun labels. And smack dab in the heart of Portland is Powell's World of Books. It is one city block of bookstore, with new books, used books, and a ton of bizarre and awesome book themed gifts. I spent more money there than I am comfortable discussing, but I had so much fun doing it.

Portland is in the list of my top 5 cities to visit, and may actually be #2. It is the first place I would pick if I had to relocate and pick a brand new city. If you haven't been, you are missing out!

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