Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Fun-- Beat the Heat with Abe Lincoln

While it is a bit late for my Friday Fun recommendations, and I recognize that only a portion of the blog world is currently sweltering under the east coast (of the US) heat wave, but I am behind in lauding one of my latest movie finds.

The summer blockbuster truly is a thing of beauty for me-- not only do I get to indulge in one of my most favorite activities, but this activity forces me outside of sweltering heat and into a blissfully cool auditorium. This definitely contributed to, but did not cause, my love of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

As mentioned in my review of Cowboys and Aliens, I am often attracted to movies with titles that are so gutsy and out there that I feel the hubris or obsurdity must be born of conficence. However, unlike Cowboys and Aliens, the absurdly titles Abe Lincoln delivered.

So what's the premise? Well, there is Abraham Lincoln, who begins a fued against a local man early in life. He doesn't find out until he is a young man that his nemesis is a vampire, and actually imrbued in a vampire/human struggle that underlies the slavery problem in the U.S. As he learns to hunt, he also learns to orate, and the answer to injustice-- both for the living and the living dead-- is born.

Believe it or not, the plot for this movie is thorough, relevant, and actually quite engrossing. It does fall victim to some really cheesy over-produced special effects in some places, but a competent cast and well-formed dialogue save it.

I went in the theater expecting bad. I was pleasantly suprised. When The Amazing Spider-Man is sold out this weekend, Abe Lincoln is a very good second choice!


  1. This sounds really great. I have to check out this movie! You had me at vampire.

  2. I really wanted to see this one, but on the little island where I live they only last so long and I missed it. Guess I'll have to wait for Netflix.