Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Travel Tuesdays-- Ohhh... Dakota where the cars sleep beside the road

I've been behind on blogging lately, and particularly on my travel posts. Ironically, this is because I've been traveling too much! But my adventures have helped me add three new states to my list (I am at 37 out of 50), and I was so excited that one of these states was South Dakota.

I often visit a lot of places with no idea of what to expect, and find very ordinary, or very extraordinary places. South Dakota was an exception. Both the boy, and the best friend have spent a great deal of time in South Dakota, and shared tales of a state full of farms and wide open spaces.

And that is exactly what I found! Gorgeous farms, super sweet people, and very bland food abounded for me in South Dakota. And while I didn't get to stay long, I enjoyed what the scenery.Oh, and truck stops with slot machines. As odd as this may sound, I have always had great gambling luck at truck stops with slot machines!

So I took this photo outside of one such truck stop, as it seemed to perfectly encapsulate my image of South Dakota.


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