Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel Tuesdays- There is no place like home

I've been a lot of places, seen a lot of stuff, and so I don't exactly feel like it is cheating to tout my love for my hometown on Travel Tuesday. Because:

  1. It's my blog
  2. I love Baltimore so much that I get to talk about it
  3. It is a cool, and very under-rated town that more people should know about

And so, here are some photos of one of my many, many favorite parts of Baltimore: Patterson Park.

Patterson Park is Baltimore's version of Central Park. We have a duck pond, playgrounds, pavilions, a museum, the Pagoda, a Community Center, Ice Rink, ball fields, and tons of walking trails. And it is in the middle of the east side of the city, so it is close to lots of arts and culture!

And it is beautiful!


  1. Great pictures!I lived in DC during law school and wish I'd had more time to spend in Baltimore.