Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Travel Tuesdays- It's a Really Big Hole

So I am rarely opposed to going somewhere or doing something just so I can say I have. There are experiences I think we should all have in our lives, and I try to knock those off when I can.
  • Seeing the Goonies house... check... 
  • Playing the really big slot machine in Vegas... check... 
  • Going to the County in Ireland where your great, great grandmother was born...check.

The Grand Canyon was always on the list, you know... just cuz. So when the Boy and I went to Vegas, I anticipated needing a Vegas break (too many days in a row of lights and colors and dinging sounds make me feel slightly crazy), and we planned a get-away to the Grand Canyon. Because it was this big hole everyone says you should go see. Didn't have any personal interest in the big hole, but its something I should see, right?

If, for any moment in your life, you have nursed the notion (as I did) that the Grand Canyon is just a big hole and what is the big deal, you should kill that notion!

OK, so truthfully, its a really big hole. But is is such an astoundingly enormous, intricate, delicate, and beautiful hole that it will take the breath away of even those huge cynics like me that weren't sold on a three hour drive to see it. I mean... look at this thing:

 And this doesn't even... I mean you can't even... you look at the picture and...

OK, the point is the place rendered ME speechless. For an experience I decided to have, you know, just because, it was one of the most moving and evocative places I have ever been.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend the Grand Canyon.

And I ALWAYS like recommendations for other places like this. I don't necessarily mean national treasures, but are there places you have gone just for the hell of it and ended up finding totally amazing and moving?

I mean, wow. Really.

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  1. will definitely add on my list the places you recommended... the grand canyon has a wonderful nature scenery :)

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