Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My first insecure writer post!

I have joined this blog group at just the right time, because I get to have my first post be a victory!

Like, I would imagine, most writers, I usually spend at least 48 hours after each rejection letter received thinking that I am kidding myself by trying to "be a writer."  Then, in writing and in life, I assume that if I can't do it 100% perfectly myself, I am a failure.

So last month I got a rejection letter suggesting that my second novel has really good potential, but needs a professional edit.

  • Initial reaction: Oh my goodness, my own edit was insufficient, I suck at writing... and life. Shy away from the limelight (which, as this photo indicates, I am so good at!)
  • Grown up process: Realize that being a good writer doesn't necessarily equate to being a good editor. And not being a good editor doesn't mean I'm a bad writer. 

So, I hired an editor. I swallowed by pride and perfectionism, and paid someone who IS a good editor to help me perfect my second novel.

I haven't gotten the edits back yet, and am insecure as hell that they will come with a cover email telling me I suck and should never write again, but that is the insecurity talking!


  1. Good luck with the edits. I can guarantee the individual won't say that. But I can relate to the feeling. I always feel that way when I send out my stuff to be read by betas.

  2. Good luck. Kudos to you for keeping your chin up! I will have to follow to see how your edits come out. I have always wondered if that is a step that's worth the cost...

  3. I miss the days when getting a publishing contract meant they GAVE you a professional edit! Things have changed so much. Writers have to grow themselves instead of relying on a house to help grow them and sustain them. I hope you have a good experience!

  4. Way to make that decision! Even if you are a good editor, you shouldn't edit your own work because you are to close to it--things that seem clear to you might not be to another reader. That's what I've found, anyway! It really does help to have someone else look at it as a first-time reader.

    Allison (Geek Banter)