Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fun-- Avengers Review

So typically my recommendations for Friday Fun revolve around films you can grab on Netflix, but this week is a very notable exception.

You know The Avengers broke all kinds of revenue records on its opening weekend, but that doesn't often mean much. Titanic was a huge financial success, and I must be one of a minority of women that really disliked that film. But The Avengers... if you haven't gone yet, go now! Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Chris Hemsworth is in it, and as I mentioned before in my review of Thor (read it here), I find him to be the pinnacle of dreamy men. He does not disappoint reprising the role of this Norse god.
  2. The fight scenes are good... and i mean really, really good. Well paced, lots of action. 
  3. The explosions are even better. 
  4. Robert Downey, Jr. is actually funny, and didn't drive me insane like he usually does. 
  5. I love Jeremy Renner, and he is great in this. 
  6. Scarlett Johannsen got to act instead of just kind of be there with a few excuses for being there in her underwear thrown in like many female superheroes are portrayed. 
  7. And best of all, there is actually a coherent, well-built plot. This isn't King Lear by any stretch, but it also isn't just a stupid action movie/excused for lots of awesome explosions.
A highly enjoyable, highly recommend film. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you go now!

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