Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A to Z Challenge: My Favorite Storytellers-- O

Is for an amazingly talented lady...

Octavia Butler

I love Octavia Butler because she is blazed a new trail for women in a previously off-limits genre: science fiction. Most (and I am not saying all, but most) science fiction writers (and readers) are men, and so there was little place for a woman in this space.

Enter Octavia Butler: unflinching, amazingly talented storyteller who carved out space for herself in this area.

Many of Butler's novels and short stories take a parable format, bringing in a depth and richness I've seen in few other writers regardless of genre. If you don't know her, I strongly recommend checking out Bloodchild and Other Stories to start with. An amazing, amazing collection!


  1. Morning!

    I'd never heard of Octavia Buttler before now -she sounds like someone I'd like to hear more about!

    I will do some research! Thanks for the introduction and the title of one of her books!

    I'm a science fiction fan!

    Cheers to Octavia!

    Have a great day, Shauna!

  2. Stopping by to say hello! Will have to learn more about Octavia Butler.