Monday, April 9, 2012

A to Z Challenge: My Favorite Storytellers-- H

The letter "H" might be a soft sound, but today's storyteller is one of the most dynamic, decisively brilliant writers of the 20th century, whether you like science fiction or not. H is for...

Frank Herbert

Journalist, photographer, and brilliant novelist, Frank Herbert truly is one of the defining voices in modern science fiction. Of course, Frank is best known for his innovative, brilliant, and incredibly timeless Dune series.

Published as a serial in a magazine in the early 60's, Dune was the result of 6 years of research and writing. Not only one of the first massively popular works of science fiction, this is also one of the strongest examples of interweaving modern thematic elements into a fantastical world.

Waring religions, using drugs to control a population, the evils of capitalism, and other such topics amaze me in that they are still very germane to today's world nearly 60 years after the book's initial publication. 

Check out Dune!


  1. Hi Shauna, thanks for coming by my blog. I look forward to reading more from you - this is a nice post about Frank Herbert - amazing how his insights hold true still!!

  2. Great choice for "H"! Dune is one of my all-time favorite books, and I adore the series. Frank Herbert was truly an amazing writer. :-)

  3. His books had a tremendous affect on my way of thinking in the 70s. It was the first time I'd encountered a jahid and the absence of water on Dune was an amazing concept. Pure brilliance. Thanks for drawing him to my attention again.

  4. I LOVE Dune!!!!
    An all time favorite of my husband and I.
    The insight and intricacies of intergalactic politics was amazingly portrayed.

    Great idea for your Challenge!