Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let it snow!

I have never outgrown the childish delight I feel at the prospect of snow. As an adult there are tons of reasons to hate it:

  • It's messy and cold
  • It makes driving hell and I HATE being trapped anywhere without the use of my car
  • Now that the ability to work from home exists, bad roads don't get me out of anything
  • The grocery stores go insane
  • My dog has to be forced outside to relieve himself
  • It exacerbates my existing lack of coordination, as highlighted by the time I fell down some icy stairs, sprained my back, got a concussion, bruised three ribs, and ended up in physical therapy for two months
  • My boyfriend lives an hour away in the sticks and it makes it hard to drive there...
 ...and on and on, but I can't help it. I love the snow, even more now that I live in the city.

I awoke this morning to a very reasonable inch or two of snow on the ground. The sky is still a dark grey, and so I am fairly sure we have more coming.

I feel giddy and peaceful. Everything in Baltimore looks clean and new (quite a feat for those of you who have ever been here-- is is beautiful, but it is rarely clean).

I actually tromped outside at 6:45 a.m. in pajama pants and high heels (the first shoes I could find) to take a picture of my pretty, peaceful city, which I will share with you all... just don't tell my roommate. She is the one that took me to the ER and dealt with my doped up nonsense for weeks after my last tumble in the snow.

Consequently, its not a very good picture... if I had crossed the street and walked into the park so I could cut out the road and cars, it might be better, but since I already looked like a lunatic wandering around in pajama pants and high heels, I stopped a few blocks from my house and just snapped and ran/waddled back before any of the neighbors I know saw me. 

Wherever you are, wishing you a peaceful Saturday full of reading, writing, relaxing, or whatever makes you happy. If you're in Maryland, enjoy the snow!

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