Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My forray into self publishing...

I have to say, I am looking forward to the end of this year. 2011 was much better than 2010, but half of it was not kind.

I developed a wonky, rare stomach condition this year. My symptoms started in June, and it took until December 3 for a doctor to listen to me, diagnose, and resolve it. Two surgeries, countless tests, and lots of people telling me I was making it up stood in my way, but I am finally feeling better.

And I translated feeling better into some forward momentum on my writing!

During this weird illness, I've been toiling away at revisiting, revising, and rewriting a collection of short stories I wrote in college. Today, I am happy to say, they are available on Amazon for Kindle. Please feel free to surf over here and check out Listening In and Other Stories, seven stories about the damaged, the strong, the deranged, and the decent.

Also, since last I wrote, I turned 31. Man... 31. When I was 21, 31 sounded so ancient. I am staving of depression at being 31 and single and all that by reminding myself that I am 31, have two complete works of fiction available for sale, am shopping for a publisher for a third, and am about to finish my master's. In light of that, I am feeling pretty content!

Happy holidays all!


  1. Happy Birthday, Shauna! I'm sure 31 ain't THAT bad. I'll be 31 soon (well, in 10 years). And it's alright to be single. You're free to ogle at any number of hot men as you please ;)
    Have a great year end!
    *goes over to check Shauna's books*

  2. I just downloaded this. I'm so excited to read it, having loved Max and Menna. Your 31 sounds pretty good to me. Sorry to hear about the sickness but glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Hope 2012 holds many wonderful blessings for you!