Friday, December 30, 2011

Another quick short story preview

So Listening In and Other Stories did fairly well during day #2 on Amazon. I'm very new to self-publishing, and likewise new to e-reader formats (got my Kindle Fire for Christmas), and so I am delighted to be learning while sharing my work with the world.

In that vein, another preview of a story from the collection:

Collecting Faces

If want to know, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned. I don’t have any credentials, but if you’re looking to learn about people, I know plenty.

Man has it all wrong. Men spend time trying to answer the hard questions- the meaning of life, world peace, can we save the planet? To me that stuff is meaningless next to ordinary questions. A job application, no matter how menial the job is painful to me.

Name- That’s easy. I go by Sara. Not my real name, but that doesn’t matter.

Date of Birth- I don’t have one. Actually, I’m sure I do, I just don’t know it.

Occupation- there it gets tricky.

What do I do? I collect faces. I might even have yours somewhere. I bet you didn’t even know someone had taken it, did you?

Do you have some questions of your own now, like ‘how does someone collect faces?’ That is the only question I have an easy answer to.

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