Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Reading List #2-- The Genuinely Spooky

On my quest to recommend some great books to carry you through vacation, I am revealing something about myself-- I read a little bit of everything. Like my taste in movies, my taste in books typically would be described more easily by what I don't read than what I do. I don't read (or watch) comedies, romantic comedies, or romances. Almost everything else is fair game.

In the horror genre (which I watch more than I read), I have previously expoused my love for Stephen King's IT, but for a summer reading recommendation, I am going a different way.

Lost Boys, by Orson Scott Card

No, this is not the basis on the vampire movie (though I love them both). This is a book about a Mormon family relocating from Utah to a small town in the east coast. Step and his wife Diane immediately become concerned as they learn of a rash of mysterious disappearances, all involving the town's young boys. Their concern grows when their previously buoyant eight-year-old son Stevie is suddenly withdrawn, preferring the company of his new and growing army of imaginary friends.

This book is genuinely creepy, downright scary at times. Written with Card's usual penchant of narrative the carries (rather than pulls) you through a story, you will find it hard to put down.

If you've got a few days off and can afford to sleep with the lights on, this is highly recommended!

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  1. I had no idea OSC wrote anything but Sci-Fi. Awesome recommendation, thanks so much!