Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Your favorite marketing mentions...

I mention working a lot, but don't often talk about what it is. I'm a marketer... I take products and help create the tools that best describe to people what the benefits of that product are and how it can help them. This is not only my job, really, it is one of my passions. I love what I do. Its the perfect mix of creative and analytical. And it has spurned one of my all time favorite hobbies... collecting "what were they thinking" advertisements.

I'm sure we all have a list... but this blog post was spurned by a particular sight this morning that I just have to share.

  1. Cottonelle's "Get Fresh with a Friend" campaign... Really? Hygiene products and you're recommending we use them with friends?
  2. A book on insurance billing for massage therapists with the tag line "Manipulate your life!"
  3. And my absolute favorie that I saw on a truck this morning. Premise: Advertising Lance crackers. Photo: A packet of Lance crackers sticking out of someone's back pocket. Tag line: Do You Have a Lance in your Pants? ... Really??
Any additions?

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