Sunday, May 29, 2011

My favorite-- a lazy Sunday

Yes, yes, yes, I complain about being busy too much. I actually listened to myself the other day and thought "oh, no, I am one of those people..." I envisioned myself with a long-neck cigarette saying "Darling, we simply MUST do lunch, if I could ever find the time, so swamped, you know how it is..." And I laughed at myself, both for complaining, and then for envisioning myself as an F. Scott Fitzgerald character without even intending to.

But, I am enjoying something delightful at the moment, something: a lazy Sunday. I woke up hours before everyone else (one of the perks to not being able to sleep past 7:30 a.m.... EVER), made coffee, caught up on emails. I'm putting in a movie, opening up the file for book #3, and writing, writing, writing as soon as I hit "post" here. And then a nap... then I might bake...

My complaints about being busy stem from not enough lazy Sundays. I had a great and brief conversation with fellow author Jessica Bell (check out her blog at about this this week-- when you're a writer, you can always be writing, or promoting, or writing, or promoting, which makes it hard to accept the need for sleeping or relaxing. 

But oh, the lazy Sunday. What are you all doing on this three day weekend? What are your favorite lazy Sunday loves.


  1. Haha! Yes, there's certainly always something to do! I mean, now I've even got, 'relaxing' on my list! lolol ;o)

  2. My favorite lazy Sundays are when I am too sick to go to church but not too sick to get up and putter around having a quiet day while the family is at church.

  3. My weekend has been filled with birthday parties, outings and BBQs. I can't even remember the last "lazy" day I had. Sigh. At least I made some awesome cupcakes today!