Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ode to my couch!

So I haven't blogged in six weeks, I know. I have been SLAMMED! I have a really hard time admitting my own limits, but work, travel for work, full time school, one book to promote, and one to finish writing means no free time for Shauna.

Thus, I did something brilliant! I took two days off for no real reason. Actually, the reason was a 15 page paper due next week, and I am almost done, but two days off has allowed me to:

1. Clean up my room
2. Clean the kitchen
3. Tell the landlord about broken stuff
4. Fill out my FAFSA
5. Pay some old parking tickets that have been waiting
6. Watch and return my Netflix movies
7. Make doctor's apointments and find a dentist
8. Secure renters insurance

When you lack free time and buy yourself some, the productivity is amazing, but something else is even better.


I have had time to sit on my couch, watch television, and do little else. And I KNOW it sounds lazy, but when you don't ever get to do nothing, it is a delightful when the opportunity presents itself.

So this is an ode to my couch. It's a leather chaise, covered with a fleece blanket and a bunch of pillows. And I love it. At this point in time, I would consider marrying it if possible. :) The amazing part of it all is being able to sit still knowing that I have written. I have worked on the book...

This is certainly not the most interesting things I've ever had to say, for sure, but I am warming up to a review of a truly amazing book I am almost finished with.


  1. LOL! Looking forward to hearing more about this new book! :o)

  2. Jessica,
    Thanks. For the sake of not sounding like an egotystical nut... I am writing a book, but the amazing book I am about to review is one I am reading. :)
    ...and now back to my couch.

  3. Good to hear from you, Shauna! =) I can't wait to hear more about this new project, either, and to hear what you think about the book!