Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something of a rant in defense of Ryan

OK, so I try very hard to steer clear of political and/or religious discourse in a public forum. I mean, I am a novelist-- who cares what my political leanings are, right? I am trying really hard just to get people to care that I am a novelist. My beliefs are mine, and I don’t see the need to force them on others. I am sure people who‘s beliefs are opposite of mine feel them just as passionately and often have just as many salient points to their arguments. But, today, I am irritated.

Ryan Buell, near the top of my dreamy men list, apparently admits in his forthcoming book that he is bisexual. This is according to Perez Hilton thus far, so I will have to wait until my copy arrives to verify. Regardless, for me, this changes nothing. He is bi, so clearly there is still opportunity for me to sweep the man off his feet, right? ;0)

However, I am totally appalled by how Twitter and the rest of the interwebs are going crazy over this. Buell is Catholic, and his faith forms the cornerstone of some of his work with the paranormal. Now, one would think that might be enough to draw some annoyance from the Church, but apparently his bisexuality crosses a line. Some meanie on Twitter told him that he should be excommunicated, and was zealous enough to post a link so he could go figure out what that meant.


With each passing day I realize two things more and more: 1. I miss my mom, and 2. I learned so much from her. She wasn’t a self-professed liberal. She actually would probably be annoyed if I called her that. What she was, however, was tolerant. My mother saw the best in everyone ALWAYS, sometimes when they truly did not deserve it. She didn’t so much care how people lived their lives, as long as they didn’t hurt anyone else in the process. She was so full of faith—I am still, to this day, amazed by how she managed to have so much faith in the midst of all of the pain and turmoil she went through—but she always used her faith as a comfort, not as a weapon.

I miss my mom. I am surprised by how much the hateful words of one ignoramus towards someone I have only met once brought this all up for me (though, since she has only been gone a month, it is still pretty near the surface all the time). I just miss her goodness, and her kindness, and her tolerance. She would have responded to this news by telling me that she hopes Ryan Buell finds a really good man OR woman, as long as he finds someone who makes him happy. And she is totally right.

I am even more private about my faith than I try to be about my politics, but why would God make people a certain way and then damn them for it? And you know what, even if He did, why on Earth do people completely removed from the situation feel that it is their place and duty to spread their hate?

For those of you who haven’t read Max and Menna yet, if/when you do, you will see just how important an issue tolerance is to me. I think the world would be a better place if we were all just a little bit more like my mom.

As for me, I am just glad the dreamy men list is verrrryyy long, since I now have more of the population to compete with over Ryan Buell!

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