Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No dreamy men on my hospital TV

Well, the good juju worked. I got a super awesome quote on Max and Menna from one of my writing heroes. This is a prime line for the front cover, and I couldn't be more over the moon about it.

However, on my end, I have some terrible personal luck! While staying with mom at Hospital A, I ate at the cafeteria. Eight hours later, I woke up (still staying with mom) with an awful stomach ache. I started to drive home but only made it about halfway before I was too sick to keep driving. I pulled into an ER at Hospital B, and here I am, a day later, still in the hospital with food poisoning.

Luckily, there is free wi-fi, because my TV has offered me no dreamy men to comfort me! Certainly no HBO, so no Alexander Skarsgaard on True Blood.No A&E, so there is no Ryan Buell on Paranormal State. Couldn't even find any Big Bang Theory to offer me some Johnny Galecki last night. The closest I have come is a commercial for the new Brenden Frasier movie.

Thus, I figured out how to stream Netflix (using ultra-slow free-wifi)and have been watching one of my all-time favorite shows, prompted by one of the original dreamy men. That's right ladies and gentleman-- my computer is now all Sea Quest all the time. Interestingly, this show got me wondering how much different being young must be in this time (she says at the ripe old age of 29). Here's why:

When I was 12, I was SOOOO in love with Jonathan Brandis (hence the Sea Quest reminiscing). He was the original dreamy man. My entire room was decorated with Jonathan Brandis photos, I bought every magazine with a photo of him, and poured over every interview to learn of what we had in common. He'd read It, I loved that book. He loved STP, I went out and bought an STP CD. And this was back in the stoneage of entertainment communication, circa 1992.

Clearly, I have progressed past the point of decorating my closet door with Tiger Beat photos of dreamy men that make me swoon. I have graduated to looking for a "real" boyfriend (sort of...maybe...when I have time)...and twitter :0)

I started following some tv personalities on twitter and facebook when the book deal came through to try and watch what these people were doing, and how it was working to build community around them and connect them with the people that love their work. My hope was that one days people would love my work, and I wanted to see how other people connected in that situation. Ryan Buell was the first person I followed, and I think he is awesome about making his fans feel like part of his life.

But, here's what I am thinking. If I was 12 NOW and knew on a daily basis what Jonathan Brandis was doing, I think it would have driven my obsession to startling heights. Of course he would have been meant for me if I knew at 11 a.m. that he was heading to McDonalds. And, hot damn, had he responded to one of my tweets... frenzy.

So, social media is awesome because it helps us all connect. But, in a way, I am glad it wasn't at my disposal circa 1992. I had a hard enough time focusing in school knowing that math class truly only served to fill the hours before Jonathan Brandis came to whisk me away. In a way, its ironic. My first real understanding of how real-time and instant news had become was when a tiny little ticker marched across my screen in 2003 to tell me had passed away. Even a decade after I outgrew obsessing over celebrities so wholly, I was saddened by the news.

If this post makes no sense... well... I did just get a dose of morphine :0)

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