Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pregnant Women are Self-Conscious, Too!

If you've never been pregnant, let me let you in on an interesting phenomenon... as soon as your bump pops, people's sense of propriety falters. And by falters, I mean goes away. I think people assume that because you are supposed to swell up when you're pregnant, you're totally fine with it, and maybe even appreciate having it pointed out. Hey, and maybe some people do.

However, here is a newsflash for the greater good... not everyone does.

At nearly 28 weeks pregnant, I have actually never been as self-conscious as I am now. I love my kid, and I am so excited to meet him, but my inner fat girl is a bit stricken by the fact that no amount of responsible exercise and careful food choices keep that scale from moving up. Though I've only gained 10 pounds so far, I feel enormous. Add an extra dose of estrogen and a touch of exhaustion in there, and I am totally sensitive about my body.

And yet, people keep talking about it. Loudly. In public. Strangers, coworkers, family members. The world seems to be full of smiling landmines waiting to coo "Look at that belly!" and force me to spend the rest of the day trying to suck in my uterus (and whenever I do that, my kid starts kicking my liver-- it's bad news all around).

Thus far, my two favorite comments:

  • "Don't worry, some of that weight gain is actually the baby." 
  • "Glad to see you're feeding that baby!" 

Ummm... seriously?

So let this be a Public Service Announcement.... Unless you really know someone and can be kind, don't comment on the bump. If you're mouth feels compelled to open, just say "you look great!" Or "How's the baby doing?" When it doubt, test yourself by asking "would I say something like this to an overweight person?" I am assuming that, unless you're a total jerk, you would not look at a non-pregnant coworker, even a skinny one, and say "wow, Sally, looks like that bloat is going down. Good for you."

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  1. That is so mean. Pregnant woman actually have another person growing inside them, which is a beautiful thing. Why would someone care that they have a bump or actually comment on their size? I'm always curious to know what my pregnant cousins crave and what it feels like when the baby moves. Don't allow comments about your size to upset you. As long as you and your baby are healthy, that's all that matters. Best of luck with your pregnancy.