Thursday, November 6, 2014

Help me name a character

I am deep in the throes of writing the sequel to my new novel Naliyah and have hit a stumbling block on character naming. A new, female villain is about to enter the scene, and I am not quite sure what to call her.

Normally picking a character name is the easiest part of writing for me, but this new lady has me stumped so I thought I might troll for ideas.

Here's a bit about her...

She is the same kind of creature as Lenora, my main character, which means not quite human and not quite vampire. She is mortal, but has an extending lifespan. Thus, she is around 250 years old. She is of northern European decent, and has the ash blond hair and icy blue eyes to prove it.

And this woman absolutely is a villain. I don't want to throw in any spoilers that will impact reading the first novel, but know that she is hell bent on world domination. However, instead of the deeply personal motivation of some of her companions, she is out for the destruction of humanity because of her cold pragmatism. There is a streak of cruelty within her, but most of her motivation is solely fed by her own sense of what is right and what is due her as a superior being.

So what should I call her? I am taking suggestions from now through Sunday. If I get the name from one of you, you will win a hard copy of Naliyah (or another of my books if you already have that one).

And Naliyah is getting great reviews... you can always snag your copy on Amazon and learn the answer the question "what if a vampire isn't really a vampire at all."

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  1. Maruska... I think it's a strong name. Or Elizabeta or Eliska