Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Novel Number Three is On Its Way...

For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you might recall a flurry of postings in December about my writing a novel... in about two weeks. This is highly unusual for me. Max and Menna took me ten years, and Don't Wake Up took about four.

So I guess this third book was just one that had to be written!

After I finished on December 31, I put the manuscript away and willed myself to not touch it for a while. Finally, I had a three day weekend with no classes to teach or weddings to plan, so I pulled it out, did a pretty thorough edit, and sent it on to some wonderful beta readers.

Thus, the wheels are in motion and I can officially announce that novel #3 is coming this fall. And here is a sneak peak at what you're in for....

Naliyah is Lenora's story. 

Lenora is different, and though her tight-lipped father Gabriel refuses to tell her much about what she is, she knows that she is not a vampire... not exactly. She can eat human food, survive the daylight, and is not quite immortal. Nonetheless, she and her father carry an ancient disease and need human blood to survive. They travel the world to battles and scenes of all manner of depravity feeding on the dying. They bring mercy and release to men in their final moments. 

From 19th century Baltimore, across the Boxer Rebellion in China, and into the jungles of Vietnam, Lenora follows her father from each scene of brutality to the next, comforted only by her recurring dreams of a blue-eyed man. 

Lenora's life, surrounded by carnage and atrocity, weighs on her and she begins to question how long she can go on... until the blue-eyed man from her dreams becomes reality. 

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