Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy birthday to me... my book is for free... I hope you will read it... and then review me!

Happy day-after-Christmas, Boxing Day, and, if you're me, birthday!

All month I have been sharing my suggestions for some of the best books to give, and I am wrapping it up by actually giving one away, namely my mine.

Each year on my birthday I make my first novel Max and Menna free on Kindle. I truly do this as a gift to myself, because it excites me to know that people might be reading my work. So, head on over to Amazon and download it now.

What can you get me, you ask? Well, gifts are very unnecessary and thirty-cough years old, I have learned to appreciate birthdays sans gifts. However, if you insist...
  • Consider buying my short story collection for 99 cents to get to know my writing?
  • Share news of my giveaway to help spread the word?
  • Add yourself as a blog follower?
  • But most of all what I would love are your reviews!
If you buy and read Max and Menna (or already have), please consider leaving your honest feedback on Amazon. We authors thrive on knowing what our readers think. Getting up to 20 reviews this year would be the best birthday gift I could ask for.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday and that 2014 brings amazing things.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for stopping by over at my place. I'm always curious about how people find me, so if you ever stop by again, please let me know. =)

    I'm off to download your book! Thanks for the birthday present! ;-)