Saturday, September 12, 2015

The ONE thing you can count on happening while you're pregnant...

For anyone who has experienced or currently is experiencing pregnancy for the first time, you may have already come to terms with the fact that facts are not your friends. Not only are you quickly learning about any number of terrifying things you've never heard of that can happen in pregnancy, you may have the added joy of a lot of unsolicited advice and terrifying stories from those around you. It can be, in a word, overwhelming.

Early on, the advice used to bother me. I spent a lot of time thinking "why the hell would you say that to a pregnant person?" But recently, I've come to a realization that has made it a little easier to shrug it offt. So here it is... the ONE thing you can count on happening while you are pregnant:

You will have an entirely unique experience.

As different as all of our bodies are, and as different as all of our children will be, we cannot expect one specific mold of how creating a baby works. I'm sure we all think of spending 3 months vomiting, then 6 months with weird cravings, swollen feet, and permanent back ache. The truth is you might have all of that, some of that, or none of that.

Using myself as an example, I come from a family of women who get GIGANTIC when pregnant, and tend to vomit throughout the entire gestation. I expected that. Instead, I did have 18 weeks of nausea 24/7, but didn't puke much. At 31 weeks, I've gained very little weight and have a very little bump. My back doesn't hurt, and I can still wear my kick ass, knee-high boots thanks to no swelling. I have, however, had kidney stones, hip pain that makes walking difficult some days, and absolutely no appetite.

Your pregnancy will be your pregnancy. Some of the usual stuff will happen to you. Some weird stuff you couldn't have expected will happen. Some things you will get by without, and I think this is all important to keep in mind... It will help if you have your head in a toilet and someone feels it necessary to say "just wait until your third trimester when your feet swell and your back hurts."

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